Sunkhaze, A Drive By…..

Yesterday I drove out the Stud Mill Road to Sunkhaze. I’d read about Sunkhaze Meadows for years but had never been there. It’s a National Wildlife Refuge, and includes the second largest peat bog in Maine.  I could only take a short walk down the Carter Meadow Trail, off the County Road, and didn’t get as far as the bog.

Hemlocks are my favorite tree, and the trail cuts through a beautiful stand of mature hemlock and white pine. Looking forward to returning soon with a canoe.

It’s likely the Route of the East West Highway will run adjacent to and along the northern boundary of the Refuge.

Stud Mill road, Widening for the Highway…. The Refuge land is on the right.

                                 Hemlock and Pine Canopy, Sunkhaze


                                              Lichen and Moss, Sunkhaze


Little Birch Stream, Sunkhaze

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